Lamellar Ichthyosis

A skin moisturizer is the primary treatment for lamellar ichthyosis. A moisturizer will help in the removal of scales and act as a barrier. Some patients use urea and microfiber washcloths to remove the scales. Anyone who uses electrolytes should carefully monitor the situation. The reason for this is that the hyperkeratosis often interferes with sweat gland functioning. This interference can lead to disordered thermoregulation.

Oral Retinoid Treatment

There are certain patients who may also have a severe heat intolerance. An oral retinoid is sometimes used so as to speed up epidermal turnover. The oral retinoid can also prevent or improve some of the many consequences of the disease. In addition, an oral retinoid at times may also increase sweating which will help with anyone who suffers from heat intolerance.


An oral retinoid in some cases has shown to decrease the periocular scale while at the same time decreasing the propensity for developing ectropion. Eye lubricants and artificial tears are often effective for patients who have ectropion. If the case is severe then a doctor may recommend surgery.

Surgery for Treating Severe Ectropion in Children

When surgery is used to treat severe ectropion in children then the therapy may include skin grafts. As a child grows an inverted suture can also stabilize the ectropion. This treatment for Ichthyosis is a surprisingly well tolerated option. A newborn child who has this condition should be transferred to a neonatal intensive care unit. This will allow the doctors to closely monitor electrolytes, fluids, and signs of sepsis.

If you discover any lamellar ichthyosis symptoms then you should consult a dermatologist. An ophthalmologist will need to be consulted for children who have ectropion from birth. Parents who have this condition should consult a genetics counselor. A genetics counselor will be able to provide you with all of the details and risks involved for subsequent children who can be affected.