Shaving The Underarms: The Seven Steps To Follow Clean And Smooth Shave

Shaving the armpits is pretty simple for most people. It is a matter of having the right shaver and knowing about what do in each step.

Step 1

Start with checking the hairs to note their length and determine if you first need to trim them before you use a sharp razor for a closer and cleaner shave. If a trim is necessary, ensure that you select the right combe length if you are to use an electric shaver. If you do not have a trimmer, you can use a pair of sharp hair clippers or scissors. Cut the hairs to about 2 – 4 mm. trimming help prevent clogging blades when you introduce a razor.

Step 2

Wash the underarms to wet and soften the hairs making it easier for the blades to glide over the skin and cutting the hairs. You can as well opt to take a shower and trim any remaining hairs while at it (this is the preferable option).

Step 3

Give the armpits a good lather using a shave gel to hydrate the hair and enhance the movement of the razor over them. Lathering up with a shave gale also protects the skin while shaving.

Step 4

Introduce the razor once the armpits are well-lathered. Use a razor with a well-lubricated strip and check the blades to ensure they are sharp. Dull blades will only make a mess of things. You can avoid such headaches by using a new razor every time you are shaving or buy one with replaceable blades.

Step 5

Armpit hairs grow in different direction hence the need to shave them in multiple directions. Use light, gentle strokes as you move the razor over the skin and remember to rinse often to remove the shaving gel, hairs, and any dead skin. Ensure your arms of the armpit you are working on is raised over the head and keep it there as you use your other hand to shave.

Rinse the razor after every few strokes place the blades under running water with either the front or the back side facing the jet of water and then turning it to the other side. Avoid tapping the razor against the skin because it reduces the life of the razor and hampers the blade components that are designed to give a clean shave. When done shaving, rinse the razor and shake off any excess water before storing.

Step 6

Wash and rinse the underarms and inspect them to see if there are any missed hairs. Re-apply the shaving get as needs and repeat the process. Remember to shave the area in question in different directions so that you get a clean and smooth shave. Always apply the shaving get every time you have to re-stroke a spot or have to repeat the process; it helps prevent shaving rash. Also, do not be aggressive with the strokes, keep the light and let the razor do its work.

Step 7

After shaving and ensuring you have smooth hairless underarms, rinse them properly with warm water. Pat them dry and them remember to moisturize them, it soothes the skin. Take around a day before applying any underarm deodorant. To know more contact us or visit the website at